Our School

Experience an Immersive Chinese Cultural Journey at Our School in Saskatoon 

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind Chinese school in Saskatoon, where we pride ourselves on providing a truly unique and immersive experience in Chinese language and culture. Our school has established strong connections with various organizations that have enabled us to offer unparalleled opportunities and resources for our students.


Our long-standing relationships, dating back to 1992, have provided us access to high-quality summer camps, experienced instructors from overseas, and special cultural events that set us apart from other Chinese language schools in the city.


When enrollment allows, we offer extraordinary summer camps featuring skilled and passionate instructors from abroad. These camps provide an immersive learning journey for our students, igniting their interest in Chinese culture and language. Our exclusive summer camps create lifelong memories for our students and encourage personal growth. Please note that the availability of these camps is contingent on enrollment levels.


In addition to our outstanding summer camps, we are proud to have brought the renowned Acrobatic Troupe to Saskatoon for an awe-inspiring performance. This spectacular event showcases the beauty and intricacy of Chinese acrobatics and is a testament to our commitment to providing diverse cultural experiences for our students. 


At the Heritage Chinese Language School, we are dedicated to promoting and preserving our unique connections for the long-term benefit of our students and the entire community. As a result, our students have the opportunity to experience the richness of Chinese culture and history in a way that is simply unmatched.

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