Heritage Chinese Language School

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the best of Chinese culture to Chinese and non-Chinese Canadians. In addition to classroom learning, we also believe in maximizing exposure to our language and culture through fun and engaging extracurricular activities. We offer Chinese yo-yo, lion dance, folk dance, and Chinese martial arts every year. Every two years, we offer summer camps where we invite instructors from Taiwan to teach various cultural activities. Finally, to connect and engage Chinese culture to the wider community, we are active participants of the biannual Saskatoon folkfest that celebrates multiculturalism in Canada. We believe in contributing our unique culture to Canada and the world.


School Information

The welcome booklet contains all school related information in one place including a calendar, school website and contact, our location and general schedule, school organization, course descriptions, cultural excursions and field trips, extra curricular activities, and our board of directors and instructors for 2022-2023. Feel free to take a look at the latest upcoming events and standard protocols which will keep you up to date with the latest news at our school! Please note, some school information may be subject to change throughout the school year, students and parents will be contacted accordingly if such changes are required. 

Chinese New Year Performance 2023 - Year of the Rabbit

Check out our Chinese New Year Performance by our hard-working and talented students from January 28, 2023.