Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce the best of Chinese culture to Chinese and non-Chinese Canadians. In addition to classroom learning, we also believe in maximizing exposure to our language and culture through fun and engaging extracurricular activities. We offer Chinese yo-yo, lion dance, folk dance, and Chinese martial arts every year. Every two years, we offer summer camps where we invite instructors from Taiwan to teach various cultural activities. Finally, to connect and engage Chinese culture to the wider community, we are active participants of the biannual Saskatoon folkfest that celebrates multiculturalism in Canada. We believe in contributing our unique culture to Canada and the world.

Our Curriculum

This program is based on the curriculum designed by the Overseas Community Affairs Council www.huayuworld.org for teaching Chinese as a Second Language to overseas Chinese. We follow the Let’s Learn Chinese textbook series (12 volumes and 12 lessons for each volume). The content gradually increases in difficulty. The lessons revolve around daily conversation, and the content fits the principles of communication, cultures, connection, comparisons, and communities. They are suitable for the elementary and junior high school levels. Their goal is to cultivate students’ ability to use Chinese to communicate in everyday life, so they can immediately use what they’ve learned either at home or in a Chinese-language environment. - Extracted with modification from the Preface of Let’s Learn Chinese

We offer classes in both Mandarin and Cantonese (oral) and Traditional and Simplified Chinese writing.

We are always interested in expanding our curriculum by collaborating with other teachers or organizations who have designed teaching programs that align with our school mission. Please contact us for further discussions.

Our Board of Directors

The board consists of members who are passionate about exposing the best of Chinese culture to our children. We are particularly looking for individuals with expertise in management, accounting, marketing, graphics and website designs, and IT to help with the operation of the school. If you have or would like the opportunity to learn these skill sets, please come join us. By sitting on the board, you will make a real difference in the success of our school. Other benefits include expanding your network, boosting your executive experience on your resume, and gaining novel insights that will promote your current career. Email us at: Heritagechineselanguageschool@gmail.com, we would love to hear from you.