Student Work - Comic Drawings

Age 6

Summary of Age 6 Comic #1: The character's name is Daniel and he is racing other people in the morning at school. When he is playing he sees a tick and runs away because he is scared. Suddenly, the tick grows larger. Daniel immediately kicks and punches the tick and eats the tick in one bite.

Age 7

Summary of Age 7 Comic #1: Ms. Chu arrives on the moon in the morning, she is driving her space ship. When she is on the moon, Ms. Chu sees a lion unexpectedly. She feels scared and jumps back. Then the lion calls a group of other lions and Ms. Chu immediately tries her best to drive away in her space ship. Luckily, she arrives home safely.

Age 9

Age 9

Summary of Age 9 Comic #1: When it is night, I picture myself on a cloud. I fall off the cloud and I see a dog. I feel scared and I run. All of a sudden, I picture myself at home and I feel safe. I found out it is a dream.

Summary of Age 9 Comic #2: Blue dude is in outer space and is doing tasks. Imposter sees dude! Blue dude feels scared and runs. Suddenly, the blue dude presses the emergency button. Dude immediately tells the others of the imposter and finally they win the game.