About us

Things about our school:

  • The name of the school “Heritage Chinese Language School” was officially formed in the year of 1990, yet Chinese language education was officially offered in this community since the year of 1975 with the efforts of 6 parents, using their own living rooms, childcare centers or church basements to serve as classrooms to establish Chinese Mandarin School.
  • We focus on teachers’ professional development training by providing in -house training, workshops and etc.
  • Our school has a "Parent on Duty" supervision system to ensure students’ safety during the recess and before and after classes.
  • We develop a “monitor” position to encourage top student graduates to stay as role models and help around in the classroom as teaching assistants.
  • special thanks to Taiwan Overseas Community Affairs Council to support all the teaching materials for over 40 years.

Things about our teachers:

Eleanor Shia - Founding member, Teacher, Principal, Honorable Chair of the Board

  • the key person to develop the very first high school curriculum for Saskatchewan’s Mandarin Credit course.
  • high school and university Mandarin class instructor

Ching-Hu Tsui

  • High school Mandarin credit class instructor

Hedy Lai

  • Cantonese listening and speaking class instructor
  • Cantonese adult class instructor

Willson Jien

  • Mandarin listening and speaking class instructor

Eden Yen

  • Mandarin listening and speaking class instructor

Mei Chen Yong

  • Mandarin regular class instructor

Grace Zhao

  • Cantonese regular class instructor